Try switch UI Design to reality


Design is not about visual it’s about build great product

So When You hear a User Interface word You think about visual and how staff look like but the truth is it’s about build great product Can User use it and understand how to use it even without look to manuals, by put interface into reality a lot of experts are advised the designers to learn programming to make it reality
but what about us (developers) , we must know how designers thinking to but a powerful product , user Can Use it.

Software Is A Tool.

So in thinking in that I’m try to make some reality interfaces with qml and QtQuick 2.0, I’m not professional or something like that but I’m try to change the way I’m thinking in UI(User Interface) and build my Own interface I’m start before Notify UI in doing that, I made photojouranl I still work in it you can watch the video in Youtube , but I’m finish the Notify UI and here we are !!.

Some pictures inspired me to do UI and the transitons animation I created ; I use sequential animation in it and some simple property such as X , Y or Opacity and Rotation and also I use parallel animation too to make fluid UI it’s pretty easy by qml, So I have to do a lot of work to reach The Top 😉 again thank you and I hope You like it.