In the Previous TOpic become a better programmer by not programming Jeff Atwood is type about programming by not programming ; I search about solving problems his right the problem here is about ideas and problems not tools or IDES or computer language it easy to learn any language it’s will take few weeks to learn it But

let’s talk about serious problems it’s


it’s a lot and a lot of algorithms out there you can found what is comfortable and very effective with your problem actually i think every problem it’s like puzzle let’s take n-queens puzzle if we solve it by EXHAUSTIVE SEARCH it will take long long time to solve it I think two algorithms can solve it it’s BACKTRACKING with some exceptions or base case and number two is TRANSFORM-AND-CONQUER backtracking technique we will found all solution and graph it reach to the solution with some exception like the stranded one like never put the queens in the way of each other it will eat each other , we will lose and will take along and along to solved if we didn’t put that exceptions

If we take the second one the transform and conquer it will solved by two stages first transform the input to representation we will take the role of the queen move and link the position together it’s the second stage it will solve really may be with some exceptions but it will solved faster than any other algorithms so we have to find our algorithm to solve by it our problems we can graph it or divide and than conquer or decrease and conquer greedy , dynamic programming all of these stuffs it’s help us to get effective solution of many and many problems
by eslam mahgoub

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