AI(Artificial intelligence)

Begining When we Talk about AI , we remember the human brain and smart of the human and question That said in the first lecture the expert system must know what it knows , I think there is here another question is How it knows what it knows That is it when we think about intelligence we found alot alot of staff like fear , Agility , fund answer not found for questions like describe street you don’t know the name of it , back to my question I asked (how) if we think in our information we don’t know it if some one asked about it we don’t know , so what about someone tell them that information ok but how we remember That by organized them Yaaa that is the answer of the two question it’s all about organize the information and Know the information , what , how ; the first I don’t get it but after the deep thinking I remember someone in my last group asked me before about how I found the time to do something , that is not about found time the day still the day it meaning is 24 hours in the day for all people in the planet , but it’s about the organization of the time it’s different between the people someone do that because he organize his time and another don’t because he doesn’t care that is the point is If we found powerfull way to put the information in the computer to allowed to it to remember and learn form organize and store the complex way to understand the information of the user want , to complete my words I think too about focus , analysis and fund something similar for picture , memory , event or even equation in human brain How we arrange all of that and make it by complete way to make computer can learn from itself and from the others.

note I don’t learn alot in AI but I love to give some Point in it.

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