Small things can make big difference

Oh……What a day when you weak up and found people around you smile it’s make difference in your day; i read book (Principles of beautiful web design by jason beaird) make my sight look to things in the world to make interfaces of any thing i want to do beauty  and proportional to the user eye and my eye too , Although the boring things in this faculty but the study is make you think in very very small things in that world to make own real world on your own in this beautiful book mr jason is talk about details of the design in small lines and you don’t take too much to read it i advice the developers like me to read this book or any book you went in design not to destroy the designers (sorry designers) … but to make sense in your code to make some beautiful codes meet the real world your real world specifically , i’ll back to the Past i looking always to tools to make beautiful interface and application i try java , wpf , c#  finally qt but it’s completely wrong and many many People in this faculty think in this that’s right to want make your eyes feel good and comfortable when it look to things but it’s not about tools you choose …. i read before the choose of the tools considered quarter of your way that’s right really you must look for ideas change that world by design by create things not by tools  the tools helps use to make this I think people forget that nowadays .

“I’m always doing that which I can not do , in order that I may learn how to dot it.” Pablo Picasso said

from this quote we must learn the second thing is try again and again and over again because to make design to real world is about practice and trying and we miss that in this faculty . when we think about design we go to color first  and I always think in the color and how we can make beautiful color by mix it up in the book the second thing we must learn is if you choose the wrong color, you’re doomed. okay, so the wrong color selection might not be the death of you, but it could curtail your budding career so be careful in the selection , alot and alot of things in the book to design like contrast , proportion , repetition , unity and so on must put in mind when we design and remember it’s not only about wow it’s about make sense and finally

         Keep Moving Forward and complete our life to happiness

to another Post.

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